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Create Your Own Employee Rewards & Recognition Scheme

Our unique online employee rewards and recognition catalogue contains over 1,500 products allowing you to offer your employees and customers a superb range of highly desirable merchandise from the world’s finest brands. We can help you establish your own employee rewards and recognition scheme, designed specifically to your own business requirements. We will take care of everything – from the sourcing of products and storage in our modern secure warehousing to the fast, efficient fulfilment direct to the recipient.

Reward Employee Loyalty

Studies have shown employee motivation and job satisfaction is strongly influenced by the recognition of individual efforts. Employee reward and recognition schemes provide a non-monetary incentive with a high return on investment and optimum cost-effectiveness.

Sales Incentives

Whether you employ the call centre, customer service, field or retail sales teams, improving performance and staff productivity are key to your business success. An employee or work-based incentive scheme designed specifically for your needs delivers higher levels of staff engagement, motivation, productivity and increased sales.



Reward your staff & customers with a quality gift from a well know designer brand.

With strong relationships with some of the world’s leading retail brands we are able to offer their quality desirable gifts collections, co-branded with your own company logo and message.

We aim to match each enquiry with the best product solution possible, we take into account the recipients your budget  and lead understand your required objective.

On receiving your brief we go to work to find a suitable gift and then present a range of iproduct ideas, prices and design visuals, Allowing you to choose the perfect quality gift  for that special occasion, event  or thank you.gesture.


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