EA the computer game giant wanted to engage the Game Stores staff and create awareness for the launch of “Dead Space 3”.

Using a set budget we sourced a special effect branded make up kit to be used by at least 10 people at each one of their 275 stores.

Our “Special FX” box set included fake blood, hair colour spay, FX wax and make-up.

Before commencing production, we had considered all associated risks to the brand from the merchandise supplied. We were very careful to only source products that were CE tested and would not cause a skin reaction.

We collated all items of the branded make-up kit into a custom made box along with a letter to explain the promotion and a Twitter address so the store staff could share their scary photos online.

As you will see from the pictures, the Game Store staff had lots of fun creating store theatre while driving sales of the “Dead Space 3” game.


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