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Personal Accessories

  1. Business Card Holder ACM24097

    Business Card Holder
    Lightweight aluminium business card holder, simple but effective.

    From£0.46 Each

  2. Bag Hanger ARC10213700

    Bag Hanger
    Bag hanger. Foldable bag hanger which keeps a bag clean and safe. Hanger can be attached at the...

    From£1.36 Each

  3. Allround Sunglasses ARC10008600

    Allround Sunglasses
    Allround Sunglasses. UV 400 protection sunglasses with a soft pouch.

    From£1.74 Each

  4. Slapon ARC11807100

    Slapon. A remake of the extremely popular slap bracelet from the 80?s! The silicone material feels...

    From£1.83 Each

  5. Logospecs Sunglasses ARC1513

    Logospecs Sunglasses
    Be noticed with these, pantone matched, eye-catching promotional glasses incl. full colour sticker...

    From£1.49 Each

  6. Compass ARC10020600

    Compass. Handy compass for tracking directions.

    From£2.22 Each

  7. Business Card Holder ARC19544634

    Business Card Holder
    Business card holder. Matt plated business card holder. Holds approximately 10 business cards....

    From£2.20 Each

  8. Card Case ACM24099

    Card Case
    Multi-purpose case for business cards, cigarettes or credit cards.

    From£2.17 Each

  9. Crockett Sunglasses ARC10022400

    Crockett Sunglasses
    Crockett Sunglasses. Retro sunglasses packed in a soft pouch. UV 400.

    From£2.57 Each

  10. Compass Carabiner ARC10010700

    Compass Carabiner
    Compass carabiner. Compass with karabiner hook. Metal.

    From£2.81 Each

  11. Lifestyle Sunglasses ARC10028300

    Lifestyle Sunglasses
    Lifestyle sunglasses. Uni colour trendy sunglasses. Packed in a soft pouch. UV 400.

    From£3.10 Each

  12. Deauville Bag Hanger ARC11806400

    Deauville Bag Hanger
    Deauville bag hanger. Stylish bag hanger.

    From£3.84 Each

  13. Brent Card Case ACM200158852

    Brent Card Case
    Metal card case in matt finish with shiny trim.

    From£3.63 Each

  14. Maverick Sunglasses ARC10022500

    Maverick Sunglasses
    Maverick sunglasses. Trendy sunglasses with UV 400 and soft pouch. Metal.

    From£3.87 Each

  15. Urban Sunglasses ARC10028200

    Urban Sunglasses
    Urban sunglasses. Unique sunglasses packed in a soft pouch. UV 400.

    From£4.55 Each

  16. Sport Sunglasses ARC10028600

    Sport Sunglasses
    Sport sunglasses. Go sporty with this sunglasses with contrast colour temples and eye tips. Packed...

    From£4.81 Each

  17. Polished Compact Mirror ACM7042104

    Polished Compact Mirror
    Stylish double compact mirror in unique curved design. Polished finish supplied in a pouch and...

    From£5.80 Each

  18. Silicon Fob Watch ARC002105357

    Silicon Fob Watch
    Patented Silicon nurses fob watch - a must for every health professional. Flexible silicon rubber...

    From£4.82 Each

  19. Como Card Case ACM200100601

    Como Card Case
    Leather look card case with polished metal clip.

    From£5.73 Each

  20. Jackie Sunglasses ARC10028500

    Jackie Sunglasses
    Jackie Sunglasses. Glamour and fashion coloured sunglasses. Packed in a nice hardcase pouch. UV 400.

    From£5.95 Each

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